Herman Herman, Lukman Syafie, Irawati Irawati, Lilis Nur Hayati, Harlinda Harlinda


Scheduling lectures is not something easy, considering many factors that must be considered. The factors that must be considered are the courses that will be held, the space available, the lecturers, the suitability of the credits with the duration of courses, the availability of lecturers' time, and so on. One algorithm in the field of computer science that can be used in lecture scheduling automation is Genetic Algorithms. Genetic Algorithms can provide the best solution from several solutions in handling scheduling problems and the selksi method used is roulette wheel. This study produces a scheduling system that can work automatically or independently which can produce optimal lecture schedules by applying Genetic Algorithms. Based on the results of testing, the resulting system can schedule lectures correctly and consider the time of lecturers. In this study, the roulette wheel selection method was more effective in producing the best individuals than the rank selection method.

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