Based on Permen Kominfo No. 19/2017, publisher has changed name from Balai Pengkajian dan Pengembangan Komunikasi dan Informatika (BPPKI) Surabaya to Balai Pengembangan SDM dan Penelitian Komunikasi dan Informatika (BPSDMP Kominfo) Surabaya.

Jurnal Komunika: Journal of communication, media, and information technology was initially published on 2012, for 3 edition in a year with the pISSN: 2303-1700. In 2016, it changed from printed to published online along with the eISSN : 2579-5899.

Journal publication process using OJS system is begun for the first time in 2017.

In 2018, some changes in the template have been made, including the header which is previously written in two row, into just one row to simplify the look. The english title of the article which is previously put above the english abstract, now is moved under the bahasa title. English abstract is put before bahasa abstract, and written in a paragraph . Page number is written in sequence for each number in one edition/ per year.

In 2019, it changed from being published 3 times in a year (April, August, and November) to just 2 times in a year (June and November). A new template is used replacing 2019 template.