Digital Image Processing for Detecting Industrial Machine Work Failure with Quantization Vector Learning Method

Muhammad Rafli Rasyid, Zulkifli Tahir, nfn Syafaruddin


Todays, digital image processing is widely used in various fields to facilitate humans in doing work by analyzing videos or images for use in decision making in the industrial world. The use of industrial machine technology is one of the most important factors in efforts to facilitate human work, but an industrial machine is inseparable from work failure that can hinder the production process and cause harm to the industry. This study aims to detect a failure in industrial machinery by using video data of industrial machine movements recorded using a webcam camera. For the preprocessing stage, the image is resized then converted to grayscale imagery and segmented using the thresholding method, then morphological operations are performed with an opening operation, feature extraction is done by changing the binary image into a vector data that is used as input data in the classification process using the Learning Vector Quantization Neural Network Algorithm (LVQ NN) version 1. The results showed the results of the detection of machine working errors can be done well with an accuracy value of 94.24% in training and 92.38% in the testing phase.


image processing, Learning Vector Quantization (LVQ), Neural Network


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