Bootstrap samples, Cluster analysis, Poisson regression, Supervised method, Unsupervised method


Combining supervised and unsupervised method can assist in the data analysis process. This research aims to apply a supervised method, i.e. Poisson regression, that is followed by an unsupervised method, namely cluster analysis of the visitors in a tourism dataset. The samples were taken 80 persons purposively from the visitors of the Flower Garden X in Serang Regency, Banten Province. The dataset consists of the number of visits, travel cost, income/ stipend per month, gender, age, distance from the place of origin, and perception, which is formed by 11 questions of facilities and services. The Poisson regression was applied in the 30, 40, and 50 bootstrap samples resulted in the perception as the significant features. Then, medoid-based cluster analysis, i.e. pam and simple k-medoids, in the perception dataset was applied. They compared simple matching and cooccurrence distances and were validated via medoid-based shadow value. It grouped the visitors into five clusters as the most suitable number of clusters. The combined methods of supervised and unsupervised provided the cleanliness as the important indicator. The improvement of the tourism object had to be focus on the cleanliness aspect.


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